Today's Update!

As you know, Halloween is coming real soon, so a costume would be really handy at this time of the year, especially if they are free! Here is this glittery witch outfit by Reasonable Desires which you can get for free if you join the group. Join Reasonable Desires Group and get it here. If you add them to your picks, you can get also get a devil outfit for free!

Outfit: *RD*: Witchin' (Join Reasonable Desires Group and get it here)

And also, Ephe brought me over to this nice little shop today called fab pony and there is a great tee for just a linden. You should also check out other stuff in the store as they are really nice. And not to forget to mention there is a really neat looking club opposite of fab pony which will be opening on Friday, drop by and enjoy the music y'all!

Top: FAB.PONY: Unicorn Tee-Coral (1L)

Thimbles have a new group gift. Join Thimbles Group and check notices and get this cute babydoll dress.

Dress: *Thimbles* Saturday at the Bowling Alley - Coral (Join Thimbles Group and check notices to get)

See you later. Ta~!


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