Lots of hunts and freebies for grab. Cupcakes has a hunt which is hunting for freebie among the items in store, Glam expo has a hunt which is looking for rings, and there are a couple of freebies up for grab:

Cupcakes Hunt: I don't know when it ends, I also don't know how many there are out there (Freyja told me she found like 17). But it's pretty easy, as you only have to look in a store. So have fun!

From Left to Right:

Outfit: M&R Cupcakes Modern (Ornate) Suit - Dusty Rose (RG) 33/104/42

Top: *M&R Cupcakes - Long Silk Tank w/ Cardi - Orange/Black 39/206/35
Bottom: M&R Cupcakes Basic Jeans - Grey (RG) 35/117/35

Dress: M&R Cupcakes Buttons Dress - Gold 51/229/35

Top: *M&R Cupcakes - Long Silk Tank - Orange 39/206/35
Skirt: *M&R Cupcakes - Corduroy Skirt/Leggings - Olive/Gold 39/206/35

Outfit: M&R Cupcakes Modern Suspender Set - Yellow/Brown 47/225/35

From Left to Right:
Outfit: ~*LaLa FooFoo: Halloween Freebie Outfit

Top: (PixelDolls) Empire top . Blue (1L)

Outfit::::Sn@tch Gift Box With Juicy Berry Dragonfly Dress:::
Shoes: *Kookie* Juicy Birthday Donna platforms!

Glam Expo Hunt: You are supposed to find rings for this hunt and it is ending on the 12th. I am not very sure how many there are to be found in this hunt, but I have a notecard done by Ephe.

From left to right:
Gown: KatKreation: Si Y No gown 32/189/602
Gown: ALB TRY IT MANDALA SET 2008 AnaLee Balut (on the table, 10L)
Gown: NB_look_glamor Hunt Gift
83/120/602 (under the couch)

Last but not least, just a friendly reminder and thanks to Linda and Ephe, I have notecards for a couple of hunts which includes:

Cupcakes Mini Hunt (partial hunt list)
Glam Expo Hunt
LVS & CO Hunt
Sweeter Than Candy Hunt Stage 2
Pumpkin hunt Angelico B designs
Sexy Catz Hunt (complete)

IM me or Vent to get them if you need them, have fun hunting and grabbing!!


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