Rockberry has put up two free Halloween outfits in store and they are really nice, it even comes with a skin and shape for the Jester outfit. Thanks Heather!!

From Left to Right:
Outfit: [Rockberry] Sad Jester Costume (0L)
Outfit: [Rockberry] Vamp Costume (0L)

Have you done the Grave Robbing Hunt yet? It's a very easy hunt within two sims, and here are my three favourite loots:

You can get these here.

From Left to Right:
Dress: /artilleri/:eva dress glitch pants *black* 181/31/22
Dress: Ingenue: FCM Gift 184/23/22

You can get this here.

Outfit: Deuce's wild: Skully Flower Outfit 193/239/23

That's probably it for today. Dinner Time. Ta!~


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