You know it's Halloween

...when gory skins are everywhere. And this time Minnu Skin is going to give four free skins, two each for boys and girls as a treat for this Halloween. If you are a member you can get the skin from your notices. If you are not, you don't need to join the group, but keep this date in your mind. On October 15th, they are going to put these skins in the lobby for you to grab!!! Don't forget!!
Here is a little preview on what you are getting:

For the girls:

Skin: MMS:Halloween skins- Female

For the boys:

Skin: MMS:Halloween skins-Male

If you really can't wait to get them, you can join MM Skins group by paying 250L and check notices. I think it's worth to pay it as they give freebies from time to time. Anyway, have fun people!


Thanks for sharing this! I must take down a note for the skins on the 15th :D

10/10/08 7:51 PM  

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