Skiing time

I got a vest from Freesoul picks and I just have to go to ski with that vest! Go to Freesoul and add it to your picks then wait for 24 hours and click the board in store to get it. Also check out the Niseko Hirafu Skiing Area as it's a great place for some winter recreation and they provide you with free skiing and snowboarding equipments. And it snows, so gear up and keep warm!

Picture is taken at Niseko Hirafu Skiing Area.

Vest: Freesoul camouflage vest grey
Gritty Kitty: Halloween Scarf 08 (hat and scarf for 1L)
Cardigan: Savvy Avvy: Mens button cardigan_moss
Ski equipments: @ Niseko Hirafu Skiing Area


Beautiful picutre! I have to visit the place too :D

11/10/08 5:14 AM  

Theres a new hunt at Plod :D (haven't done it yet, but last one was amazing).

11/10/08 6:31 AM  

takeshi: yeah, you should visit the place, it's really fun :)
mrs loire: thank you so much for the info :)

11/10/08 7:35 PM  

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