Crush row and Christmas

Pick up the little turkeys at Crush row (from now to 11/27) either in stores or outside the shops, there's something for everybody~! I believe there are some stores that haven't put out the turkeys yet (such as Obscene, which will be putting out something sometime this week), so keep checking back, but so far, the gifties (ranged at 0L-1L) that I got are awesome too! Also check out the freebies and some neat stuffs (less than 15L) not in the turkey, around Crush row.

From left to right:
Top:>TRUTH<@ Crush Row: Skyline Tank Upper [Coffee Run]
Top:! 7th. Street @ Crush Row:- I Love 7th. Street
Top: *BOOM* @ Crush Row:Thanksgiveaway Turtleneck-Hot Cocoa
Outfit: Sn@tch!@ Crush Row:Happy Thanksgiving

It's never too early to dress up for christmas, shown below are some sweet costumes at great prices that you can get at COL, Royal Designs and Crimson Shadow.

From left to right:
Outfit: [CoL] - Gift - Christmas Elf! (from COL's subscribo)
Outfit (including shoes): Royal Designs: Christmas outfit (1L)
Outfit (including shoes): Crimson Shadow: Holidays Corset and Jewellery Set (50L)

Have a great weekend!!


Omg!Ahh. Where are those gorgeous jeans from? x

21/11/08 2:54 PM  

they are from muism~! Pretty pricey but definitely good!

21/11/08 3:37 PM  

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