Last post of today.

Two more items I got today from the lucky chair at Endeavor. Changes every 10 minutes and various great gifts to be won.

From Left to Right:
Endeavor: Ethnic dress blue (lucky chair)
Endeavor: Foxy Lady green (lucky chair)

Three free outfits for grab, from *+*Jill*+*, a.C store and Girl Style and don't know when it will poof, so hurry.

nice dresses
From Left to Right:
*+*Jill*+*:CMD-Black (0L)
a.C store: a.C STD - Friends Gift
Girl Style: GS*GroupGIFT*Rose Glamor* (Join GirlStyle Group and get it here)

Good night!


i love your blog!
i did want to say one thing, and i am really not trying to be mean x.o.. maybe its just the pictures.. but your body looks very.. squished, its so thin, especially your waist and hips, very.. um. manhips u.u
maybe that is your preference?

17/11/08 2:45 PM  

Speaking of which, I have two kind of shapes, a shape made specially for the default SL skirt (which makes your hips 20 times bigger) and another one with hips that I usually wear , and probably I was wearing that one for the skirt since I posted the ingenue skirts before this.

And of course the poses have this slimming effect too.

but thanks for pointing that out~!

17/11/08 7:23 PM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

18/11/08 2:03 AM  

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