Obscene and Archange

More updates on Crush row! Obscene Skins @ Crush Row has finally put out their turkeys (three of them altogether, 1L each), so hurry down and get them!

From left to right:
Skin: [the oBscene]@ Crush Row: SiREN-Amber-CHASKA -THANKSGIVING SP(1L)
Skin:[the oBscene]@ Crush Row: SiREN-Amber-ALMiKA -THANKSGIVING SP(1L)
Skin: [the oBscene]@ Crush Row: SiREN-Amber-YAXEKA -THANKSGIVING SP(1L)

I also found something really interesting on Crush row. I'd like to call this a home for the landless. Just buy this house for 10L here and wear it and you are at home wherever you go!

Portable House: RENT SUCKS! (10L get it here)

Archange has also updated their weekly group gift, and this time it's a pretty gown. Join Archange group, activate your tag and get it here.

Gown: *Archange : Carlye- Orchid (Join Archange group and get it here)

Have a great Friday night!


lol that little house is too cute and funny!

22/11/08 9:11 AM  

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