Short Saturday Update

[UPDATE]: Thanks to Galadhriel Montagne, I got the skin here, and here it is!

Skin: [the oBscene]@ CNS SIM: OPENING GIFTVENUS-Quartz-SKALDi

While waiting to get into the CNS hunt to get the obscene skins (anytips, anyone?), here's a short update:

MAI has a very pretty tan skin for free at the same place where they put out the free eyes and undies. Join Mai-Update Group and get the skin here.
Skin: ..::MAI::.. Gift Mai Skin (0L)
Hood: Gritty Kitty: Marv the Monster Hat (160L, color changeable, extremely cute!)

There's a new free coat/trench/dress in Jill, get it now!
Jacket: *+*JILL*+*Wool coat-Mustard (0L)

Please enlighten me with the location of the obscene gift in the CNS hunt! I promise I'll be good XD.


hello, i want this obscene skin but i only can find it... was this gift only for a day?

24/11/08 8:53 AM  

The skin was in the CNS hunt, which ended on Sunday noon. Sorry bout that. :S

24/11/08 11:05 AM  

ooooh ok thx :(

24/11/08 1:18 PM  

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