Take it or leave it

Loved the look of my fashion guru, Gala in the post and I have to show you how much I love this look in today's deal with my manhips and new skin.

Skin: Minajunk:BAD Heavy02
Hair: *+creo+* Moni Hair* Temari-Biscuit (50L)
Outfit:xxYOMESHOUJOxx {{group gift}} no,1 (Join ++Yome Shoujo++ and check notices)
Gloves: *+creo+* Wool Gloves & Socks (0L)

Skin: Minajunk:BAD Heavy02
Outfit: SYSY's Fabulous Fashion gift - blue set (subscribo gift)

I will stick with my skinny ass because I love it. Don't hate me for looking good in manhips.

Good night.


ohhh.. ty Honey!.. :-)

Its a great outfit and the hair is so cute !!!


20/11/08 5:24 AM  

theres a cute pink halter on the wall also for 1 L and u get 4 diff colors inside!

20/11/08 7:18 AM  

I think they're lovely manhips. <3 Although they do make me wonder how you keep your pants up without a belt...:D

20/11/08 9:34 AM  

gala: YES~! Super cute, still wearing that hair now!

Anon: Thanks!

Nivaya: I wear size 000, lol

20/11/08 10:19 AM  

I think those man hips are hot, they make you look real. Most of the girls in SL walk around with tiny waist, big hips, big boobs and a huge ass and seriously how many of us in the real world actually look like barbie? As a good friend of mine say "the bigger the hips/ass and boobs the more the chances of the person behind the AV is a guy"

20/11/08 3:09 PM  

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