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I am writing this post for Vent (he would be too nice to do this) regarding on the comment for this post.

"no-one would ever wear nazi symbols, that would be considered blasphemy, but for some reason there is no problem to wear symbols that belonged to a regime that killed at least twice as many people...

think about it. or study some history. and then you understand that you might as well be wearing black swastika in red circle with SS over it and thank the designer for sending this 'cool shirt' to you!!!

would you please not wear this CCCP shirt and would you also remove this picture. it hurts people. be considerate.

We would like to say sorry if anyone did get offended by the shirt and we swear that we didn't mean it and thank you for informing us about this. Vent could have easily removed the post, if you have told Vent nicely. I don't know how that comment sounded to you all, but to me at least, it sounded harsh and made Vent looked like some ignorant idiot who did that on purpose. I wanted to tell you the point is, we bloggers' jobs are to inform, and we post whatever we get. If we posted something wrong, we would gladly remove it with a valid reason, but with harsh comments like that, you are upsetting us. If you get offended and hate us, don't even bother to read the blog, the purpose of this blog is to inform , not to draw unnecessary drama.

That's all I want to say for now. Sorry if I offended anyone.


Omg people why should the owner remove the shirt from his shop??? Are you serious???? Its not offending material!! Jeez!!!!

16/11/08 2:36 PM  

Okay so the CCCP shirt is "offensive"? Really. Okay well then I guess my RL green wristbands with the red "commie" stars on it is as well, or the heineken logo which uses the green with a red star (i have an old Heineken baseball cap that i got from a st pat's party a few years back that is just green with a red star - and many chinese people have come up to me all happy because they thought i was communist as well lol)...

that said - there are an awful lot of people who wore, and still wear that symbol with pride. I'm not saying i agree with their ideology, but then again i was raised in the US - and honestly? there are many places where the american flag is viewed with just as much scorn and anger and pain..

seems to me that some people just love creating drama and make snarky remarks when their glasshouses are rather vulnerable and make such pretty sounds when rocks get returned through their windows! lol

16/11/08 3:02 PM  

The designer of the 'offensive' shirt is a valued friend of mine, and I know without a doubt that he would never set out to hurt/offend anyone (Venturino or readers) with his designs.

I agree with both JennieWren and the first commenter that this is a ridiculous situation.

It is truly sad when the gut reaction of an offended person is to DEMAND an offensive object to be removed without even TRYING to engage in open, truth seeking discussion where maybe all parties involved could get a better 'history' lesson on the issue at hand.

(PS thank you SLonDList bloggers, you guys rock and I mean in no way to come down on you with this post, just had to put in my 2 cents and vouch for a good guy).

16/11/08 3:10 PM  

People who have a strict sense of values should not play SL! The world is a funny place - so is SL. Lighten up and have fun.

16/11/08 3:21 PM  

well, jen, I got kinda offensive earlier and that might made me think in a weird way, and now that I realized I am being stupid, I think I owe the owner an apology. Seriously ,I personally love the tee, the color rocks!

16/11/08 3:25 PM  

There actually is (at least) one shirt out there with a swastika. But since Vent didn't make the offending shirt I think the anger was misplaced. The issue needs to be taken up with the designer, not the reporter.

16/11/08 5:28 PM  

It's only the pissing nazi's that gave the swastika bad representation & destroyed its real meaning forever. It is one of the most ancient symbols man created and was once actually positive!

some light FACTUAL reading.

16/11/08 6:26 PM  

Really, you people should be ashamed of yourselves. You're communists! I'm blacklisting the lot of you! Prepare to face congressional hearings!

16/11/08 6:53 PM  

So I see the drama queens are at work again. If you find the information offensive, then don't read it! Us bloggers should be able to report whatever we want, and those 'haters' should do some research!

Vent, forget the comment, you're better than that!! THAT reader sure will not be missed if she doesn't visit this blog.

16/11/08 8:17 PM  

As the maker of the shirt in question, it's not my intention to glorify communism. I happen to be something of a history nut. To say that shirt glorifies murder is simplistic and ignorant. I agree Nazi symbols would be highly inappropriate and would never make such a thing. But CCCP is simply an abbreviation of a country's name, you can find it on many globes. Would you ban all globes, Sofie?

If you find the shirt inappropriate, don't buy it. It's as simple as that.

My apologies for causing controversy on the blog. I sent the shirt as a sample, because I thought the color was striking and it showed the underlying texture of the shirt.

My apologies to Vent and Ding.

And no, I won't be pulling the shirt from my merchandise lineup.

16/11/08 9:55 PM  

Johann: I wanted to say sorry for saying mean things earlier which I already pulled out from this post. We too think that the color of the shirt is striking and all and never thought about anything else. Sorry !

16/11/08 10:13 PM  

all the nonsense over a shirt that looks kickassery. who cares, could be a swastika as well and i would wear it, if it looks good, why not. as one of the readers said, the swastika is an old indian symbol, engraved into lots of jewelry til today.
i could say the same thing about the american flag, which has lots of blood under their "wings", slavery, warmongers and more. every dam country has some shit on them, its called politics. if we agree or not.
good people make it a point specially in a fashion freebie blog to show the bloggers some love. i can't imgine going out there, taking a mill slurls, pin pointing to various locations and taking pics and answering questions. this is a job itself. if you dont like the shirt, just shut up and get that stiffie out of your ass!
Noor has spoken~

17/11/08 10:23 AM  

Hurrah Noor! You took the words right out of my mouth, Vent looks absolutely fantastic and I agree with the owner not removing it from the merchandise line-up.

17/11/08 7:28 PM  

Totally agree with Noor :)

18/11/08 8:33 AM  

omg, I can't beleive the stupidity of some people... Its a shirt with the initials of an old communist country, so what? Is it hurting anyone? No. Is it saying 'I am a communist, you must be one too?' No. The fact is, the CCCP existed and you can't erase that fact simply by demanding someone remove a shirt they made from a GAME, so just get over it.

19/11/08 10:53 AM  

People are wearing shirts with Che Guevara on them, people are wearing clothes with fake military badges on them, there was an entire wave of "communist"/"military" fashion not so long ago, tourists going to east part of Berlin bring back Soviet stars as souvenirs.

Some people have too much time on their hands, go save a whale or something, don't worry, we'll keep fending off the communist invasion in the meantime. Sheesh

21/11/08 10:57 AM  

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