Super Short Update.

I know there's a Maeva hunt, but I will not be doing it because the items are basically identical to a hunt that they have like months ago. Ho hum. If you are looking for Maeva's hunt here, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Very short update today:

I found that perfect bottle that comes with all kinds of drunk AO to go with my trashy look! Also shown in the picture are dresses that you can get from Rahz. Join Rahz Update Group and check notices to get it:

From left to right: (Join Rahz Update Group and check notices)
Dress: .::Rahz Store::. Marri Outfit Red
Dress: .::Rahz Store::. Marri Outfit Blue
Trench: .::Rahz Store::. Welma Black Coat

There's also these two dresses in Bliss Couture for 1L each that you might be interested in getting.

From left to right:
Dress:Bliss Couture: Jessica Dress
Dress: :Bliss Couture: Kendra Show

That's it for now, laters~!


Ooh, can I ask where the bottle came from? Sounds like it's fun with an AO. Thanks for any info!

14/11/08 12:37 AM  

haha yes indeed, I got it onrez:

Hope you have fun with it~!

14/11/08 8:14 AM  

Thanks so much Ding!

14/11/08 10:12 PM  

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