Not so new stuff updates.

I was telling Ephe this morning that I am now going for that trailer trash-esque elegantly slutty look, so forgive me for the ciggy, I might consider to pose with a bottle of Jack Daniels if I manage to find it in my inventory.

Anyways, not much stuff to post, and you probably have already heard about them. There's this set of racerback tanks from Church of Luxe's subscribo. You should check out this place, they have really nice dresses. Then the next thing is the Bijou jackets that I didn't find yesterday (you all probably have gotten it by now) that I kinda like, that's why I am posting it still.

Tanks: [CoL] - Gift - Racerback Camis! (Gift from COL subscribo)

Outfits::bijou: *FREE* Domani (0L, get it here)

That's it for today, see you later.


Where did ya get the bottle with the cool drunk AO? :)

13/11/08 10:29 PM  

I got it onrez,

15/11/08 12:02 AM  

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