Mix and Match

You probably have already heard about the where you can get super nice free stuff at their headquarter here by joining the 25 ans community group. Walk into the Aoharu store there and the freebies are located at all 4 corners, also not to forget to TP to the other places in the building where they have more freebies up for grab.

Then, there's this socks from corduroy, 1L till Puma Jie reaches New York (and she's now in Kansas), so hurry; a mitten from The Closet (Join Trey Dope and check notices), and last but not least, a pair of wacky glasses from -RC- Cluster (Join -RC- Cluster Group and check notices)

free stuff
Glasses: -RC- SP Glasses Black (Join -RC- Cluster Group and check notices)
Socks: -corduroy- aenea's dotty leggings -beige (1L limited time only, 3 other dollarbie in store too)

From left to right:
Dress: AOHARU: ChiffonRuffleDress_Pink x Red (Join 25 ans community and get it here)

Dress: *~PureStyle~*25ans (Join 25 ans community and get it here)

Mitten: **THE CLOSET**KnitMittenPNK group gift (Join Trey Dope and check notices)

Last but not least (Thanks Suri), a very pretty chinese qipao from a lucky chair in Little Fish. The chair changes alphabet every 10 mins so it's not such a bad wait. While waiting, you should just check out the store because it's a pretty cool place~!

little fish
Dress: *Little Fish Qipao24#sh (Lucky Chair)

That's about it for today, nite~!


Supercute looks - it's a challenge to mix and match on a tight budget yet keep it interesting, you do it well and in style here. :)

14/11/08 10:58 PM  

Thanks Mariya ^^

16/11/08 3:25 PM  

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