Every Day Glory

Every Day Glory has a dollarbie top for grab. The top comes in three different options: a tank, short sleeved and long sleeved, so it's like getting three tops for 1L! Also shown in the picture is a regular priced tee sold there (Thanks Johann Steuben for sending me a copy).

Every Day Glory
From left to right:
Top: Every Day Glory: Da Vinci Man shirt long sleeve untucked (1L)
Top: Every Day Glory: Da Vinci Man shirt untucked (1L)
Top: Every Day Glory: CCCP shirt long sleeve untucked (not free)
Top: Every Day Glory: CCCP shirt untucked (not free)

Good Night!


no-one would ever wear nazi symbols, that would be considered blasphemy, but for some reason there is no problem to wear symbols that belonged to a regime that killed at least twice as many people...

think about it. or study some history. and then you understand that you might as well be wearing black swastika in red circle with SS over it and thank the designer for sending this 'cool shirt' to you!!!

would you please not wear this CCCP shirt and would you also remove this picture. it hurts people. be considerate.

16/11/08 6:43 AM  

Since when the Soviet Union and all the communists are blasphemy? Anyone has the legal right to wear whatever he wants and you dont have the right to judge otherwise i think you belong to the middle ages...Next burn all Che Guevara shirts and send all comunnists to the oven..I wonder who the real nazi is here....

Btw Vent great shirt hon!!!!

16/11/08 2:31 PM  

Nazi symbols have been outlawed in Germany. SSR and other Communist symbols have not. How about you do some research, sofie?

Communists didn't only have Stalin and Mao to represent them. Marx, the father of communism, sought to eliminate struggles between people.

16/11/08 5:12 PM  

Shame on you Sofie, how dare you come here and come to the blog and leave a silly comment like this, true, u need to get your facts right before u cry blasphemy. Oh, btw, if Vent is hurting your 'feelings', go now! I am sure you won't be missed.

16/11/08 7:56 PM  

As the maker of the shirt in question, it's not my intention to glorify communism. I happen to be something of a history nut. To say that shirt glorifies murder is simplistic and ignorant. I agree Nazi symbols would be highly inappropriate and would never make such a thing. But CCCP is simply an abbreviation of a country's name, you can find it on many globes. Would you ban all globes, Sofie?

If you find the shirt inappropriate, don't buy it. It's as simple as that.

My apologies for causing controversy on the blog. I sent the shirt as a sample, because I thought the color was striking and it showed the underlying texture of the shirt.

16/11/08 9:51 PM  

And all others.

I think what ppl are forgetting here, is the swastika, was actually a Hindu sign of peace.

I am German/Irish.

I have been exposed to this issue all of my life, and seriously, ppl, if your going to knock a symbol, at least know the history of the symbol!
Full history here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika

It was ignorant ppl that changed this symbol, from one of peace and love, to something evil.

If you were to see someone with the swastika in the original form, on their clothing, I have no doubt, that you, Sofia, would be all over that person, raring for blood.


"English: Swastika It symbolizes Peace and Harmony, Lord Ganesh has it on his right hand. Differs from other uses of swastika by the four dots inside each of the four arms. Also, it is always drawn with the four inner arms at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees on the compass, unlike other inscriptions where the inner arms are in the form of an 'X'."

I agree, who is the real Nazi here?

18/11/08 2:00 PM  

I am buying this shirt just to piss of ignorant people like Sofie...

18/11/08 2:02 PM  

Sofie, pls stop being ignorant and pretentious with everything you do.

Swastika - I WILL USE IT. And not because I'm anti semitic or a neo nazi, because its a symbol of peace and harmony.

COMMUNIST STAR - I WILL USE IT. Not because I'm a communist (and I don't think theres anything wrong with that ideology)... but I WILL USE IT just to piss off people like you and parade in front of you.

Stop being the condescending twat that you are.

PS: whoeever is the creator, kudos to you, fab t-shirts!

18/11/08 2:24 PM  

While I personally wouldn't wear the shirt, I certainly don't think people should be prevented from doing so if they wish. Same goes for swastikas- any form, original or Nazi. Or a Confederate flag. Or Che Guevara images. I may have strong personal opinions about each image, and I might base my impression of the person wearing or displaying them on those images, but it is their choice, not mine. This is not the first Soviet shirt I've seen in SL- and it's highly unlikely it will be the last.

However- I don't feel the need to make nasty comments at sofie there. Even if I do disagree.

As for wearing or displaying anything just to "piss off" other people... It is not only ignorant, insulting, and rude- it's the kind of thing that will eventually get your ass kicked, figuratively or literally (assuming you've got the stones to do it in RL). That's a pretty big risk to take just to irritate someone, and you may wish to discuss your interest in causing other people annoyance with a competent psychiatric professional.

19/11/08 5:02 AM  

In Response To Sofie's 11/16/08 comment on the CCCP T-shirt.

First of All: The designer of the T-shirt is an American citizen, and in The United States of America, Freedom of Speech is Protected by The First Amendment of the U.S.Constitution,(first because it is that Important to us).

Secondly; I think it was terribly arrogant and ignorant to ASSUME to know what the designer's intentions were when the shirt was made. The acronymn CCCP is ambiguous(it can be associated with more than one topic).
For Example;
Technological Minded People, might associate the acronym with the Combined Community Codec Pack for Microsoft Windows. The Scientific Minded might believe it stands for Carbonyl Cyanide M-Chlorophenyl Hydrazone. Of course, then again CCCP to the globally aware Music Minded Person may appear to be linked to either the Italian or German Punk bands with similiar names.
As of today, the now(infamous designer) has clearly defined his initial intentions for the T-shirt, but had not at the time of the Sofie's blog.

Last but not Least; Hopefully,the CCCP T-shirt has opened the door for some interesting comments and intelligent debate between a highly diverse group of people.

It is a good thing that human beings possess free will, Keep it simple, if you don't like the shirt, don't buy the shirt. Kudos Johann for creating a stir. Phewww I feel better, how about you. xoxoxo

19/11/08 8:51 AM  

Let bygones be bygone woman

The CCCP was a conglomeration of socialist states.

Its not even on the same plane as the Nazi party. Niether did it perform the same atrocities on women and children.
As for old scores and hurts - we Brits have fought every bugger on the planet -do we winge and whine about it whenever we meet citizens of those countries? Feck no.

Get a life woman

Jezus wept


19/11/08 12:01 PM  

@Archie, well said mate. Except I have to pick you up on one thing - AFAIK (and I may be wrong) but England has fought just about everyone on the planet EXCEPT the Russians! They were on our side in both world wars and against Napoleon too, but I cannot think of one time when England or America have actually declared war on each other.

Of course England and America however have fought each other. :)

How do you like them apples Sofie?

19/11/08 5:28 PM  

Boo Boo Correction:

..."but I cannot think of one time when England or America have actually declared war on each other. "...

Should have been:

but I cannot think of one time when England or America have actually declared war on Russia.

19/11/08 5:30 PM  

Johann, I bought a CCCP hockey jersey in RL for my hubby for Christmas. It IS a piece of history, I agree. And a pretty cool piece if you ask me. Neither of us support communism but if someone does, who cares eh? Its a free world and we were made to think for ourselves.


23/11/08 1:51 PM  

damn y'all.. its just a shirt! There are more important things! Go feed the hungry or homeless instead of spending ur time bitchin about a shirt.
For Real

8/5/09 5:15 AM  

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