Gifts gifts and more gifts

Katx of Bingo! has put out three different items in three different stores for you to grab, which includes a pair of pajamas and two super cute top! It will be from now through Christmas, so go check out when you are free.

{Bingo} @ Haco: Reindeer Tanktop Blue
{Bingo} @ Juicy Reindeer Tanktop Pink
{Bingo} @ SBMall Reindeer PJ Green

And today's advent gift (1 day only) for Ivalde and Artilleri are these:

~Ivalde ~ 5 Adventgift*Edine* (Join Ivalde Group and get here)
/artilleri/ naughty or nice outfit *green*(Join Artilleri group and get here for 1L)

Have a great weekend~!


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