I finally have some time to do the POE hunt, and along with the gifts, I got a couple of dollarbies from some of these stores too! Also, go get the Ivalde's Advent gift for today, you will love it!

From Left to Right:
Top and Bottom: Crash : Buy me stuff & Red Booty Hugger (1L, along with a couple of other things)

Top and Bottom: Crash POE Gift #57: Don't feed the Models & Street Blues

Top and Bottom: Crash :Tie & Red Booty Hugger(1L, along with a couple of other things)

From Left to Right:
Dress: [Pink] POE # 188Sugar Plumb Dress - white/pink
Toy: [PF] POE # 215 Reindeer Chihuahua (shoulder)

Dress: [Pink] Cotton Tube Dress (1L)

Dress: ~Ivalde ~ Adventgift 6 *solange* (Join Ivalde Group and get it here)

From Left to Right:
Dress and Accessories: +plus POE Gift #143 Priestess Dress

Top: CRASH: Cashed Up Trash: Orange (1L, along with a couple of other things)
Gown: *BF* POE Gift #50: combo lace mandarin

That's it for now, check back for more!


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