Here are some tees to add to your current collections. There are also six camping chairs at Hair Solutions where you can camp two hours for a pack of four colors hair. The camping chairs are for men and women where you can choose from a variety of hair.

From left to right:
Hair Solutions: Travis - platinum (camping chair)
Kunstkammer: Tee (0L)

Hair: Hair Solutions: Travis - platinum (camping chair)
*Beauty Avatar Couture*: Man gift (1L)

Fantasma Plaza is celebrating their opening and you can get lots of stuffs from most of the stores there. Here are some of the goodies for men I found at Fantasma Plaza,

From left to right:
First row:
Top: Humby Designs: Happy Ville Black (0L)
Top: Humby Designs: Behind the Bushes Tee White (0L)

Second row:
Top: *Bagley*: Luna Tee (0L)
Top: Pig:- Thermal - 80's Jeep Cherokee (1L for a pack for six)
Top: Schadenfreude: Haunted Skelebeater Unisex (1L

Good night =D


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