Slow Kitchen has goodies~Yum!

There's some really cute outfits to grab at Slow Kitchen. There's also a lucky chair there that gives away real great stuff too!

Slow kitchen
From left to right:
Hat:Slow Kitchen :Little_derby_hat(1L)
Dress:Slow Kitchen :*free*Room_Wanpi(0L)

Dress:Slow Kitchen :Midsummer Nighty Dress(1L)

Tunic:Slow Kitchen :Ribbon Wanpi-Black(1L)

Good Night!


Hi! Can you please tell me where the hair from the third picture came from? i totally love that beehive-esque style!!

1/12/08 1:40 AM  

I think that these dresses would look better on you, if you had a different shape. Your boobs look saggy in these. No offense. Just tryin to help a sister out.


1/12/08 10:59 AM  

OOh I really love that first dress!! Going to get it now!


1/12/08 11:01 AM  

3rd pic = Amy by Aden :P

1/12/08 1:18 PM  

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