Lionskin giveaway .

Special Update:

Lionskin is giving away all their first generation Zee Skins for free, yes you got me right, FREE, get as much as you want as they cost nothing and will be discontinued after today. IT'S A ONE DAY DEAL! I don't know how many hours there is left for today, so hurry hurry hurry!


Personally, I hate when designers do things like this. Yes I understand that with such a generous act, that Lion is more about making art and not money. That is something I really admire about her. However, I bought a lot of skins from the Zee line when their old price was 900+, then when they were reduced to 600, then when they were reduced to 400 etc. They were my favorite everyday skins and I guess I am super shallow for saying that they helped set me apart from the sea of other avatars. However, it feels like a slap in the face for supporting a designer for so long only to have the value of my items drop to that of a freebie and be given out. I guess what happens happens. However, I still support Lion and her creations and you should stop buy and grab those amazing skins because she is a wonderful person. Just needed a to vent I guess :/

3/12/08 3:08 AM  

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3/12/08 9:06 AM  

I agree with Just Me. It pretty much sucks when this happens. I wish designers would just create different items for freebies.

3/12/08 9:08 AM  

I don't understand why anyone would say that making a previous item a freebie devalues the item. Why should a designer deny themselves the opportunity to both help someone (newbs like nice things too) and also attract new customers, just because that item was once their best work.

Life isn't static. Get over it.

3/12/08 9:39 PM  

Lol that happened to me too so many times that I lost count, but I don't get mad at the designers... it's just marketing, like an outlet in RL, I can't get mad at the store because it was my choice to buy an item when it was expensive :).

3/12/08 10:17 PM  

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