Bold colors and prints

Some dresses and gowns with bold colors and prints to be checked out!

Snapshot_002 copy
Dress: [LI] 2009 (6 of 50) Flower Power RETIRED 3/23/09 (1L till tommorow)
Gown: dama villa tuscany (0L)

And some cute tees for the boys, and a potrait pose from our very own Takeshi (Takeshi has opened a new pose store, Pose-o-logy together with Suri, S.Loves, go visit!) :

uncle wiggily
Pose on the left: Pose-ology Portrait Pose (0L)
From Left to Right:

Tee: Uncle Wiggily 95a / drinky crow tee- blue (1L)
Tee: Uncle Wiggily 95d / drinky crow tee- slate (1L)

Last but not least, I would like to introduce you to our HQ at 13th Avenue, Harold. There's nothing much there yet, but you can now retrieve D-list updates (with informations and help on free stuff) by clicking the box on the table. Feel free to lounge there too! Have a great night!


Hi Ding! I am having a lot of trouble finding the gown that you are wearing in the middle of the pic. DO you know fi they changed it out with something else, or is the link ot the slurl incorrect? I cannot seem to find it in the store at all...any help is appreciated! Take care, India

24/3/09 10:00 PM Tow/83/75/421

24/3/09 10:55 PM  

Thanks very much! That's exactly what I needed to find this gorgeous gown. You find some amazing things, I am so glad you tell all of us about it on your blog!

25/3/09 12:05 AM  

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