springy summery outfits~!

It's about time to stock up on spring/summer tops and skirts! Here are some of the stuff you might be interested to pick up:

springy summery
Poses: MNK*SHOP_Gift**KALMIA labo. (0L)
From left to right:
Skirts (Pic 1&2): MNK*SHOP group gift! (Join MNK. Group and get it here)
Vest: Doux Petit Dahl - Striped Cardivest - Lime (1L)

There's an update on hunt lists up at the HQ at Harold, go grab it if you need it! Have fun!


Hi Ding :D I'm writing to you because I've received recently a message from the lovely Malt store about the gift for the "Bunny hop hunt" at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Malt/132/229/35 . And the dress matches the 10 linden jewelry set from Alienbear's Design set for the Relay for life at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bratz/172/168/29 . They also match your pink jeweled flats :D. It would be a lovely post to see all this items worn by your pretty avatar on this blog <3. Hugs for you and Venturino.

Anaeli ^_^.

27/3/09 2:36 AM  

I just want to say TYVM for the lists at Harold. The Bunny Hop one has been a great help - I can skip over shops that don't interest me and avoid clogging my inventory. All killa no filla - thanks for putting in the time and effort to give this information.

28/3/09 8:40 PM  

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