Since I got fired by the bossman in diner for making scary looking eggs, I've switched to housekeeping, and Blonde is the place I go to grab my essential housekeeping tools - gloves, apron and duster since the place is offering them for free!! Visit at 2pm to check out the new spring line, freebies and discounted items!!!

Hair: Exile Ursula Candy Melt (Join Exile Gear group and get it here)
Gloves, Apron, Duster: BLONDE Spring Launch Preview Freebie
Skin: [LeLutka]-LondonLight-RFL Skin (750L for RFL)

Oh, contact me if you need housekeeping services, but keep in mind that I only clean tidy rooms. : )


Do you do inventories? lol

22/3/09 4:34 PM  

yes maam, I do, but I charge more for that!

22/3/09 9:31 PM  

Very cute post, Ding. x3

Where are those pants from, if you don't mind my asking. :D

23/3/09 6:00 AM  

The spring cleaning outfit with the gloves and duster was not free as of 03/23/09. There are free aprons, however.

23/3/09 8:42 AM  

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