New at 50 Flats!

Actually not so new, as I kinda introduced these patent rose flats along with the jeweled flats.

50 flats-patent rose
Flats: 50 flats: Patent Rose (55L per pair, 4 colors to choose from)

If you are into vibrant colors, these rose flats also has jelly version (comes in 4 different colors) that is exclusively available in the random vendor.

50 flats- jelly rose
Flats: 50 flats: Jelly Rose (35L per play, transferable)

There's also a new freebie available too. Come see it at the 50 flats mainstore now!!


Very Cute!

23/3/09 12:14 AM  

You'll need to change the store name to 100 flats lol!
I love your flats.. I guess I already said that. Thanks for all the awesome freebies.

23/3/09 1:07 AM  

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