More stuff from bunny hop and a little bit more:

Snapshot_003 copy
From left to right:
Dress: The Bunny Hop #181 - .:MALT:. Fashions (this is for you Anaeli!)
Dress: The Bunny Hop #131 - Lo*momo
Dress: The Bunny Hop #192 - .:i *Towa* i:.

Snapshot_001 copy
From left to right:
Dress: **taisaya**free pink dress (0L)
Outfit: The Bunny Hop #001 - Bare Rose

Snapshot_006 copy
Hair: The Bunny Hop #034 - = Hal*Hina =
From left to right:
Outfit: The Bunny Hop #269 - Rock'n Rose
Outfit: The Bunny Hop #022 (female) - MeteoRain

Dress: *SaLsA!* Houndstooth Tube Dress Version 2! (subscribo gift)
Butterfly Net with AO: The Bunny Hop #024 - -RC- Cluster

Have fun~!


Thank you Ding ^^, the dresses look so good on you <3 you made my hunt much easier by showing the items here (lol I'm so lazzy at sorting the things after I get them so seeing them it's a blessing). Kisses and hugs for you and Vent *muack*.

29/3/09 8:44 PM  

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