Some cute stuff to grab!

Here are some cute stuff to grab:

Sofa: minajunk Couple's sofa (0L, 7 chairs included)
Backpack: *Calmera* Rucksack_LB (10 mins lucky chair. saw it from runner's high)
Tattoo: Seerose Tattoos - Love is a Game (10 mins lucky chair)
Shoes: magi take sports sneaker (10L per pair/40L fatpack)

Happy Wednesday!


I'm Ranko :))

I like your blog.
Thank you for introducing my blog(runner's high).

I'm looking forward to your news♪

26/3/09 7:37 AM  

Hi Ding, did you have to resize the right feet shoe to fit? I recently bought the fat pack and all right leg shoe does not fit and it looks like there's missing prims.

26/3/09 11:28 PM  

Cute love the odd look of the converse and soooo cheap. Am goign over to get some x

27/3/09 7:42 AM  

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