Hair and some stuff.

Cute sculpted hair and some nice outfits to be grabbed!!

Hair: Clawtooth: Veronica Lake-Lilac Dreams (Join Clawtooth Group and check notices)
Hair: CBC: Tiny Dancer-Pink eye (Join Clawtooth Group and check notices)

Skin: dhR-OPEN SPECIAL SKIN (20 mins lucky chair)
From left to right:
Tunic: PIDIDDLE - Tunic Gift (1L)
Outfit: {SMS} Pattern Suit Navy (Join So Many Styles Group and check notices)
Top/Bottom: oyakin gift (0L)

Venturino has joined a blogger style throwdown with the theme of an outfit around a knife/dagger. He has done his part and now is waiting for Express to blog about it. Details will be given when voting is open and remember to vote for VENT!!

SM Throwdown

Have a great weekend!


I would gladly vote for David Beckh-I mean Venturino XD (he certainly looks great).

Ohh and thank you so much for the hairs Ding <3 (I loove themmm).

6/3/09 11:00 PM  

where is the hair in the 2nd pic from please?

can u not in future let readers know so that we don't have to keep asking? :D

awesome stuff

7/3/09 7:15 AM  


I will totally vote for Vent the hair did it for me :p

7/3/09 9:28 AM  

anon: hair from truth, and I will keep that in mind!

7/3/09 12:30 PM  

My guy is asking me if I can find out where Vent's hair is from. If you could toss that information my way, both of us would be grateful. :)

-- Ezerbet

14/3/09 2:26 PM  

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