An opening gift (great skin!) from Olivia and some dresses from Kuri Style.

kuri style
Skin: olivia: Kate skin (0L)
Shoes: 50 flats- pink weave flats with bow (0L)
From Left to Right:
Dresses: kuri style 32dress (10L)
Dresses:K*S raincoat77 (1L)
Dresses: K*S 149feather(brown)paper (2L)

Then don't forget to grab the group gift from Sweetaholic (a geisha skin) and a free fan with A/O. Sweetaholic is one of the best place I've seen for Japanese Kimonos, if you are looking for a nice one, you should stop by there and have a look!
Skin: *Sweetaholic Geisha Skin ( Touch board to join group and get gift here)
Fan: *Sweetaholic Free Fan w/animation (0L)

Have fun!


I personally love seeing the posts on a regular basis even if others feel the freebies arent as great. 1- I like seeing whats out there no matter what it is, and 2- it gives us places to check out even if we dont grab each freebie. Ding, I think you and Vent are doing a great job. We all understand the good stuff gets slow every once in awhile, I would hate to see it stop your posts. Thanks again!

3/3/09 8:57 PM  

I love reading the blog every day, and so I would rather see something all the time than see the posts stop. If you don't like the freebie, or if you can't find something new, I like tipson cheapies and dollarbies too! And sales are always good to note if you can tell us!

You guys do a great job, thank you for all your work!

3/3/09 9:44 PM  

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