It's Wednesday!

Here are some things from Algernon and Dollita that you might be interested to get. The top Vent is wearing is from Algernon's lucky chair and if you haven't know by now, there's an awesome pair of rainboots for 10L to be grabbed there too! Dollita is a new little shop that you might want to check out that sells only a couple of things (clothes and accesories) for now. I love the color and the simplicity of the design and look forward for more, thanks for letting me know about your store Krisha!

On Vent:
Top: *Alg.* Zip up Track- Green (10 mins lucky chair, thanks Anaeli for informing!)

On Ding:
Top: Dollita/ Pink posh shirt (0L)
Bangle: Dollita/ Woody Bangle - multiwood (0L)

Also grab this top by Pig Shop from I love starlust group which comes in male/female version.

On Vent:
Top: Pig - Masculine Gingham Shirt Blue/White (Join I love starlust group and check notices)

On Ding:
Dress: Dollita/ RiveGauche dress (not free)
Shoes: 50 flats- Egg Flats (35L per play, random vendor)

Last but not least, two floral dresses from Meghindo and Cute Fashion for the springtime/summer!

From Left to Right:
Dress:[Cute Fashion] Spring Dress (0L)
Dress: Meghindo: Fusta gogosar (1L, thanks Nil for telling me about this.)

Have a great day!!


You two look great <3, I'm glad that you liked the jacket Venturino ^^ (always glad to inform you if I see other stuff in other sims). Thank you for thanking me ^^ (an on my RL birthday day, I'm receiving so much love today XD , I'm gaining love weight lol). Cyaaa <3!.

4/3/09 5:21 PM  

I do enjoy your blog and hope you continue to blog about quality free stuff, not other deals just to keep the blog coming.
BTW, The link to Meghindo took me nowhere - and I can't find it in search either.

5/3/09 4:19 AM  

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