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Someone in the chatterbox commented that the freebies we've been posting suckish items. Well, that's why we haven't been posting too much lately since we are striving to find the best out of all to show you guys. So here comes our question: At this point of time where freebies are scarce, do you guys want us to post mediocre freebies, or put a halt to the blog until we find great stuff or post nice stuff which are not free but at a decent price (200L and under)? We would love to hear your feedback!

Here are the freebies for today:

Tattoo: Seerose Tattoos - Imagine...(10 mins lucky chair)
Bikini: .::HH::. BIKINI[DOT][BLACK] (0L)

From left to right:
Dress: .::HH::. GROUP GIFT [1] (Join.:: HONEY-HONEY ::. Group and get it here)
Shoes: !STC Group Gift Suede Boots! 3/1 (subscribo gift)

Top: Cute Fashion: Blue Blouse(0L)

Dress: Parallel Love: Tartancheck A-line onepiece skirt Navy (Join Parallel Love Group and get it here)

Little Britain
Thanks Suri for Tping!
Outfit on Vent: Little Britain Designs: English Skater Chick (0L)
Outfit on Ding:
Little Britain Designs: English Skater Chick (0L)

Last but not least, remember the really nice schoolgirl uniform on the lucky chair at Sera Korea? They have switched the gift to a boy's uniform now, also changes every 10 mins, remember to sit for 30 seconds when you are on the chair to get the gift!!

school uniform
Uniform on Vent: S4_school uniform_male (10 mins lucky chair, sit on chair for 30 seconds to get the gift)

That's it for now, remember to tell us what you think!


ı wonder why ppl dont whine about the quality of the freebies/gifts rather than a freebie blog? you doing this stuff very well ding..ı always keep an eye on your blog and it's up to me or others getting the freebie/gift or not. many things are not my taste at the blog as like at the grid ..so what? but ı follow your stuff and when a freebie appears that ı like, ı just go and grab it...when a freebie/gift sucks,you are not the one to put the blame on..love,nil

2/3/09 1:38 PM  

I find it strange that people would complain - you're simply reporting the freebies you've found that are available. It isn't your fault that there aren't many quality freebies available!

Which is something I find strange in itself... wouldn't designers want to put out a quality freebie? At least that would convince me, anyway, that the rest of their products are quality as well... when I find quality freebies, those are the stores I end up spending my money in.

2/3/09 2:43 PM  

post what *you* like. whiners deserve no attention.

2/3/09 2:57 PM  

You guys post just fine quality and content.

2/3/09 3:07 PM  

... keep on going ! No need to change anything! I like it that way!

2/3/09 3:15 PM  

I love your blog! I think you should keep on doing what you're doing and not change a thing!

I also think that "cheap" is really in the eye of the beholder, so I'd be careful with that one. No one will complain with freebies and dollarbies (even up to 50L items, I suppose).. but in my case, even 200L is unfortunately more than I can afford :(

2/3/09 3:38 PM  

I think you should post what you want. I wouldn't mind you posting anything under L$200 either.

Let the complainers complain , you can't make everyone happy.


2/3/09 3:56 PM  

Hi, I really like your blog and was so happy to find it. I really like that you feature high quality freebies, since I am a freebie snob. LOL. I only pick up freebies if they are amazing quality and you cannot buy the item, i.e. if it is an exclusive color.

Keep doing what you are doing - it is your blog. If that complainer does not like the blog she/he/it can start their own blog...or this is a crazy suggestion...stop reading it!

2/3/09 4:21 PM  

Hii! I just wanna say do not listen the haters! I love your freebies and your blog.. Clean and well done with really good items. I always check your blog daily :)Lilith Moriarty..

2/3/09 4:50 PM  

Hello ^^ I was wondering where you got the hair with the black hat ? And thanks for posting these nice freebies :)

2/3/09 5:38 PM  

I would have to say that I prefer a mix of the second and third option. I love the fact that both of you post quality freebies consecutively.

I'm always grateful that you two even do this blog at all x]

2/3/09 5:51 PM  

I am with everyone else. I have never seen you popst anything shoddy! I regularly check your blog and look at the great things you and Vent find. I guess I would say that when things gets scrace to go on as you have been. If people don't like what you post then I guess they don't have to go get it, do they? Keep up the amazing work guys!

2/3/09 6:44 PM  

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2/3/09 6:47 PM  

I don't see any reason for you guys to change a thing unless you want to. If people don't like the freebies you post about, they don't have to go get them.

Also, OMG! UNION JACK FREEBIES! /me trips over her feet running to the store.

-- Ezerbet

2/3/09 6:48 PM  

The people who are complaining about your posts are probably the same ones who find anything to complain about. I say just keep doing what you do! Keep up the good job.

2/3/09 6:54 PM  

I always check your blog BECAUSE I know you only blog the stuff that is good quality. After that it is a matter of taste, and if it isn't to my taste, I don't get it.
I know the problem is...the whiners are the vocal minority. Those of us that appreciate your blog and check it everyday should be more vocal also.

So here is me saying..."keep up the good work!"

2/3/09 7:43 PM  

i find lots of good stuff here, and many thanks for taking time and trouble to post it all up.

i am happy to read not just about freebies but also about great bargains.

and yes, agree with Reivena, great quality freebies is often the way to snag long term loyal customers. this has happened to me *sigh* more times than i care to remember.

2/3/09 8:32 PM  

What in the world are they talking about! This is pretty much the highest quality freebie blog I know of. You always have the best stuff on here and usually if I see something here, it's something I want to grab.

So, no complaint here, keep on trukin'!

3/3/09 12:11 AM  

One man's trash (bag) literally is another's couture gown combined with a corset then becomes a dress a rock star wears to the awards or in a video.

Love the freebies and even crap as lets face it sometimes they are.. can be picked apart or added to another outfit and made fabulous.


3/3/09 8:16 AM  

Actually, you have the ability to make even crappy looking freebies look good. I would like to see more affordable deals that aren't necessarily free. What if there is an amazing deal but you decide not to talk about it because it's not free? That's pretty limiting.

Also, sometimes you have on certain clothes or skins or hair but don't identify them because they're not free and they look great. It's probably a pain to identify all those, but it really would be better.

3/3/09 1:48 PM  

Let them leave their trashy comments, they are just bored :-)))

You need feedback? Well, here you go, it´s for both of you, Vent as well:

1. You have style.

2. You blog high quality freebies.

3. You take wonderful pics.

4. Your blog looks simply great.

5. You have a very charming avi :-)

6. I read your blog twice a day.

7. I´ve never seen boring "crap" here.

8. I love your flats and poses.

9. I`ll never forget Noob Hunt :-)

10.I appreciate your great job and your generosity as well, thank you!

In my opinion you shouldn´t change a thing, unless you feel the need to change something.

Perhaps some people are bored just because you blog items without attaching lots of ... erm ... soo not useful things on any possible attachement points :-)))

If you like to show some "cheapies" mixed with freebies, that would be great. But don´t do it just because ... there´s no reason to change anything :-)

3/3/09 3:35 PM  

Although I do pass over a lot of freebies posted in all blogs, obviously others might love them so whatever you deem postworthy is fine.

My opinion on the "cheapies" is please nothing over 50L. I come to this blog for freebies/dollarbies and prefer not to have to get all excited over something that turns out to be 200L. Perhaps a separate blog for things over 25L? :D

4/3/09 7:54 PM  

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