A little morning treat.

Well, it's nice to hear from you all. Don't get me wrong, I am not mad or anything, I just need a feedback and see what you guys prefer to read and try to make this blog better : ) Anyway, here's a little morning treat for you.

Morning Treat
On Ding:
Flower Pin (Hair not included): !!WILD O@Frolics01 (10L, comes in red too!)
Dress: Fabulous Fashion Gift from NX (0L)
Pudding & Cream: [ Love Soul ] Tray of Custard pudding* Group only gift (200L to join *+Copain+* Group and get it here)

On Vent:
Top: **NWYD**: Opening Gift- Flower Knit&Shirts (0L)

Have a great day ahead!


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