Okay to OKE.

Ding told me that Suri Christen from FreeSecond told her that there's a charity event going on at Monogram Tria Convention Center.

Directly from FreeSecond:

"Monogram Virtua Sponsors the
Operation Kid Equip Fundraiser in the Virtual World! The charity's mission is to provide economically disadvantaged children with the basic educational supplies needed to be successful in school.
Operation: Kid Equip, is a project of Congressional District Programs, Inc A registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity. Tax ID #: 65-0970090

I have a booth set up amongst others as well in the convention center. 15% of the profit will go to Operation Kid Equip Fundraiser. Search for this avatar: OKE Pick for more details!"

I think it's worth your time to go there for two reasons: firstly, this is for charity, and secondly, you can get some really neat stuff like the Polaroid Hanger for a Linden (there's a retail version with captions for 80L):


and the Lounge set for 10L:


..And a couple more cool furnitures ( not to forget the toilet that you can get there.) These won't cost you much, take a break from hair fair and donate some Linden here!


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