What we learned about SL.

This post has nothing to do with my blog partner, Venturino.

Venturino and I had learned a couple of things throughout the week about SL.

1. Some people just don't like their picture to be shown randomly (even without showing their faces, or being blurred out)

2. Some people really do love hunt so much that they hate hunt coordinates and since I spoil these people's fun, they spoil EVERYONE'S fun by stopping the hunt.

Let me tell you what I personally think regarding these issues (This is me, DING speaking and I am risking myself of getting boycott and banned and doomed to be in the Dlist forever and worse come to worse, I will have to leave this blog and SL for good):

I don't think it's wrong to post pictures without faces or with blurry faces. It is not like you are some hotshot in SL (even if you are, you are totally not recognizable in these pics, HELLO?) and will get stalked or talk about because of this. Furthermore, there are totally no name or info of anykind that anyone can track you down with. SO WHAT IF THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN?? Were you naked?? Did I call you names?? Did I call you 'oh the girl who is nearly naked and still has XXX prims and its YOU WHO CONTRIBUTE TO THE LAG' ? NO! I didn't do any of that. Why do you have to take this so seriously? This is second life, have fun with it. Or do you mind if I ask: Are you acting so seriously in second life because you don't have a real life??

Now, on the hunt issue:
I post the coordinates on this blog, because I personally think that people need help on hunts, and the easiest way to help out and share the good things is to directly show people where they are. Coordinates list are like a walkthrough for video games. I understand if the point of the hunt is to drive people to the place to go around, I believe that as long as people are there for your hunt, they will spend some time to explore the place that you are featuring (for example the strawberry cafe). I have gotten hate IMs since the trash and treasure hunt saying that people like me spoil their fun. Apparently I did, and due to the strawberry hunt post, the owners cut short the hunt because they feel that people will just grab the gift and go. If you really enjoy the hunt, you can always ignore the 'cheatlist'. I apologize here because I feel I am responsible for the shorten of the hunt. There is one thing that you should know, even if you can shut my mouth, you can't shut other's mouth. There are still people out there going to post coordinates through any means they can (and there is indeed somewhere else that you can get the coords for the strawberry hunt!). I am not the only one trying to do this in SL, there are thousands out there doing the same thing that I did. SO TAKE THAT!!

I say sorry if I offended anyone, if you think Venturino and I should keep posting coordinates and hunts, please leave comments; if you don't, please post too, but I don't want to listen to all those 'I love hunts, don't spoil my fun' shit. At the meantime, Ding will be on hiatus till further notice. ( I will find someone to takeover my place.)

Have a great day.

p/s Digit Darkes secret 100L item for the week is the Grey Affair slip dress. You just have to get it before it is gone by midnight. FYI, the 1L item is a pair of black MaryJanes at the shoes section.


I personally think that for those who CHOOSE TO READ AND LOOK AT THE CORDINATES had the options to do so, and therefore should NOT COMPLAIN! No one glued their eyes open and force them to read out the numbers. Myself I enjoy hunts and try to find them myself before going back to your site for help, but sometimes the lags and full sim makes it difficult so I go strictly by the given coordination. And I generally try on the things I find at the hunt ASAP to judge the quality of goods given and if I like what I see I go back to the stores to spend some L$ once the hunt is over. However, seeing that they cut the hunt short because of this shows very poor characters and I'll keep that in mind if I ever crosses path within those shops.

So with all that said you should definitely keep posting the coordinates but perhaps give out a bold warning to those who fear just a bit peek of numbers and can not control them self to stop reading. You guys have been doing such a great job with this blog I would hate to see it comes to an end.


24/8/08 2:48 PM  

you think in this way, I think in another way...so just respect what I think. The world is done with differences and we must to know to live with this. If I don´t want something it´s not because I don´t have RL or anything, just I want to have my rights in RL or SL to use or not use my image, just all. I want just respect for my individual opinion. Thanks for put black circles. And about avatar prims I told you it´s very important to show for everyone and I learn very much, I didn´t know how to see the number of prims, you showed, great.

24/8/08 2:57 PM  

I Came to the hunt and saw nothing wrong and did my thing and had fun. I think that people who are going to complain need to realize that you all took the time out of your own lives to make this happen and make sure that everyone enjoyed it. Well done!


24/8/08 3:33 PM  

I agree with u in all that u have write. Lol i dont underestand what is the problem of these people...Thats why i´m always alone, so weird people lolololol.Maybe they dont know what is a REAL problem!!!!!

24/8/08 5:27 PM  

I think that wut is done here in this blog is pure courage. As Ding said, many ppl post the hunts coordinates thru groups and etc, at least Ding post them here, for everyone not hiding her attitude. I am SURE that MANY, MANY ppl enjoy this as I do. Hunts are nice, we do aprecciate that designers put them up to us, but everybody is there for the gift to find and many ppl as I do not have hours to spend in a hunt! Wut I see that Ding does is to help us find those gift easily and ppl who doesn't like this, simply DON'T READ THE BLOG! So, keep the good work dear. I say this as a friend and as a fan of your blog, which in few days became one of the best Free Blogs out there!
Keep the passion of yourt work because you do it GOOOOOOOOOOD! And let ppl complain about it, some ppl just can't contain their envy upon an excellent job!
KEEP IT UP! and if they come to u, call me! ^_~


24/8/08 5:32 PM  

What several of the sim owners fail to realize is that when they have a Hunt to promote something, they are going to attract a LOT of attention, it's why they do them. However they simply can't handle the server load and it makes both the hunt and even being in that sim extremely frustrating. Making a hunt like this, with Great products, with such a limited timeframe, makes people feel they need to get in, get out and let others have thier chance.. that's what sites like this do.. they give those of us who don't mind coming back the ability to check things out for a few minutes, collect whatever goodies are available and then leave to let others in.

My advice for any sim owner who is thinking about doing a hunt, is to spread the hunt over MANY MANY sims.. make us jump from one store to another, perhaps providing clues or soemthing 'fun' rather than say "Find the hidden colored box that we hid inside this vase at the bottom where you need to adjust your camera straight down in order to see... "

Hunts should be for FUN.. Overcrouded Sims are not fun,
Extremely limited timeframes are not fun,
Standing around waiting for the gifts to 'spawn' is not fun.

If you want your hunt to be fun... put some time into it and make it something FUN and not something frustrating.

If posting coordinates is not what you want, ask people not to post coordinates.. you'd be surpised at how many of us will do as the sim owners wish if you but make your wishes known.

To the D-List blogging team.. Keep it up.. you guys and gals are doing nothing wrong and provide a great service.

24/8/08 5:35 PM  

Well I certainly appreciated you putting the coordinatates and I went to the hunt and to see a very nice place that I would not otherwise have known about. Although I only used the coords on occasion.

What is the difference between people shouting out here is one at the actual place and you putting it here.

No one forces any one to read them, ignore them if you don't want to know. Keep up the good work.

24/8/08 5:42 PM  

hi there, to be honest those kicking up about it....grow.up thats coming from a 19 year old ...whats the point in getting serious about it, for one i know when i found the co ordinates.....they did help a little...but most didnt take me straight to them...for excample the needle hunt at adored....that was hard with the co ordinates lol....i was there for hours. i think if u want them...use them......if not dont...doesnt matter if u dont want the co ordinates posted....theres things u can buy on sl that help u find the stuff any way so....one way or another someones gonna find away a round it xxxxxxxx ty sooo much guys theres lots of awesome places ive been to and never heard of and people i have met and spoken to thanks to your blogs~!!!! xxxhugsxxx keep up the good work xx

24/8/08 7:13 PM  

keep posting...though it might be a good idea for you if you do what everyone else does. Start a blog that has no attachment to your SL nickname. And honestly get serious...I got a notecard with the coordinates before you posted them on your blog. And all this ooo if you notecard our hunt we'll ban you? Stops no one. In fact I find those hunts are the first I am passed spoilers on. Some people enjoy the hunt and ignore spoilers. Some just want the goods. Some have a limited time in sl and would rather grab the goods and spend their time looking around. I admit it...I use spoilers every chance I get. But if the hunt goodies really are good, guess what? I will go back and buy from that vendor when I shop. In fact, I pretty much buy exclusively from those who are great about handing out fun freebies. And I don't mean necessarily that they hand out free copies of what they make. A certain clothier gave out stuff like balls you appear to be juggling and funny gestures that always get a laugh, even from those who hate gestures, and I shop there all the time. I don't buy from people who say they will ban for helping out friends. One place I do buy asks that we not notecard...but shouting out locations on site is encouraged. Now I think that is a fine idea and I've made a lot of friends there on their fairly regular hunts. And I've spent a lot of linden there, too!

24/8/08 7:20 PM  

I think your site is the bset.I can never find the hunts, my hands hurt too much. My computer is way too slow for me to find the hunts and wait for them to rez and I get so jealous seeing other girls in their pretty dresses. I have MS in RL and even with coordinates it is a challenge for me.

24/8/08 7:27 PM  

I don't think there's anything wrong with posting coordinates, it's better than the people who go into group chat to beg to know where things are, or that shout around the sim during hunts. Now that's just annoying.

24/8/08 7:56 PM  

I'm just upset that I didn't get a chance to DO the hunt, I was so excited about it too, especially when I learned there were canimal products in it. But I was totally booked yesterday and had NO free time to take part. This morning I log on to find a sign about how people posting coords ruined it for everyone... except that it didn't. It made me REALLY mad, especially considering how small the time frame for the hunt was to begin with.

I totally appreciate the option to have coords, so don't stop it, I mean if the sim owner wants to get their panties in a bunch they can deal with it. If their sim is worth a damn, it will stand out and attract us despite having the coordinates. I had a ton of fun with the trash and treasure hunt a few weeks ago until the very last item (the treasure from whores) needed to be found. Another girl and I spent HOURS in that sim trying to find it, and having coords for that would have made life easier for everyone. As much fun as hunts can be, searching for one item for hours gets aggrevating.

so yeah, forget the strawberry cafe or whatever, I'm mad at them and doubt I'll be going there anytime soon in consideration to their poor sportsmanship, if you commit to a time stick to it, otherwise people are going to be angry.

24/8/08 10:00 PM  

Hey Ding!
Great post! Didn't know you have so many fans and supporters out there. Personally I think if you want to enjoy a hunt and really do some good hunting, go ahead. If you need some tips and coordinates, read the blog. Simple as that. Even so, you can even use the coordinated as checklist, see what you've missed out! Hey! Nobody wants to lose out on some get freebies, right? Thanks for posting up the coordinates and making our lives a hell lot easier!

25/8/08 4:11 AM  

First, I did use a couple of your coordinates for the hunt, although for 80% of the prizes I found them on my own. However, it always happens that the one prize that I really want is the one I can't find. That just leaves me with a bad impression of the hunt--and while I would never complain to the hunt hosts about a freebie!--it's to their benefit to have happy hunters, who then become happy shoppers. So, I'm baffled as to why they said it was ruined, and thank you for what you do.

Second, I was one of the people in one of those snapshots--purple sweater & capris, and my only prim attachments were 3-prim sandals and my hair (no HUDs even), and my ARC was still nearly 500. I certainly didn't object to the snapshot; what I object to is that the ARC count is unreliable, except in the most relative of senses. Now people are going around screaming if you haven't gotten your ARC down to 1. Guess what? When you have 70 avatars in a sim, it's going to be laggy, no matter what; except in the most extreme cases, the attachments don't make that much of a difference. Yes, it's polite to remove as many attachments as possible, but I was already pretty stripped down & still had what many would consider an unacceptable ARC count. So please, don't overemphasize the numbers. Just ask for some basic common courtesy--people are more likely to respond to that. (For an interesting discussion about ARC, see http://gwynethllewelyn.net/2008/02/16/lag-myths-dispelled/ )

25/8/08 10:09 AM  

It was disappointing that the hunt was stopped early. The coordinator said in a blog that the hunt was supposed to end when the party ended the day before, but then decided to extend it until the next day, and even gave an end time. So when my friend arrived before that time, the hunt was gone. Not very professional. Also, free items are given for many reasons, I am certain, but one is to say "thank you" for your business, and another is to show off your talent so folks will visit and buy more...I do not understand the problem with helping people find them in a hunt if they need it. Thank you to the designers for such generousity and to folks who organize wonderful events! Finally, thank you for your informative and fun posts!

25/8/08 4:08 PM  

I am glad Ding has spoken out regarding this issue. I agree there are differences in the world and people should try to accept that. I enjoy hunts, and like many others, will try to find them before going for help! I am glad we have this easy option should we choose to use it, but no need to be bitchy about it. We're all just pixels and I find it extremely silly to argue over your 'faces' being shown? I mean...it's just an excuse to create Drama with a capital D.

25/8/08 5:59 PM  

I don't think there is anything wrong with posting co-ordinates, but in my experience and in hindsight (because I have done this too when I first started my blog), I do think it best now to ask the permission of the hunt organiser and respect their wishes if they would rather that the co-ords weren't posted.

I think that most store owners would be cool with it as it means less shouting out locations in chat (that does spoil it for fellow hunters who enjoy the hunt) and less IMs to the store owners from people asking where stuff is.

Also if it is on a blog people who like to hunt can choose not to read it, and for those of us who get stuck on a last couple of items, it's really handy to know there is somewhere to go for the location.

There's my tuppence worth on the matter. :))

31/8/08 1:44 PM  

As I was reading through blogs to catch up on news, I came across this blog entry and just had to leave my 2 cents. As Owners of businesses in All Seasons (~Facets~, Curvaceous Shapes, and The Shoe Rack), my sisters and I could care less if co-ordinates are posted involving the hunts that we co-ordinate...although most of our hunt items are not that difficult to find either. If they were difficult, we would be most understanding if bloggers put out the co-ordinates because WE UNDERSTAND about lag and time constraints. My RL job is quite demanding (Mortgage Finance...need a mortgage or refinance?...I can help...sorry I digressed :P) and I don't have hours upon hours searching for difficult hunt item especially when it is hosted by designers that I adore.

For designers who host hunts, the idea behind hunts are to get maximum exposure and to keep an ever-growing client base. I just don't see the difference in blogging about co-ordinates in a hunt and blogging about a free gift found in the store...Those who like hunts will spend more time searching for them and those who don't have leisurely time to spend will use hints and tips to get the same gifts...IN THE END, it is all the same...THEY ARE GETTING YOUR PRODUCTS and ultimately wearing your creations. The best advice that I can give designers (since business is my RL job)is that if you have a problem with hunt tips then go directly to the bloggers known to post such things and politely ask that they do not post tips about your hunt. HOWEVER, it does not mean they have to respect your wishes and be advised that some bloggers can make or break you (dependant upon the familiarity and popularity of the blogger). My advise for bloggers is that if you are asked not to post tips and/or co-ordinates about a hunt that the respect be extended to those designers. There are plenty of other designers who would love for you to blog about them and not have a problem at all about the type of advertising that you do for them.

Personally, I love reading your blog as well as many others. Don't ever stop being who you are and how you blog. The pen (or computer nowadays) is mightier than the sword...so use that power to the best of your ability and creativity.

"Keep on bloggin' in the free world"

5/9/08 5:25 PM  

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