So Far Away

There's a couple of places that I wanted to feature before this (like the 3D Starry Night and Ueno Shinrei hospital), when I tried to tp there, to my utmost horror, they were GONE. Yes, you missed out a lot, but that's okay, because what I am going to feature here is another breathtaking place in SL that you might not want to miss - The Far Away.

What's so special about The Far Away is that this project is put together by Heifer International, which is a nonprofit charitable organization based in little rock, Arkansas dedicated to relieving global hunger and poverty. It provides gifts of and plants, as well as education in sustainable agriculture, to financially-disadvantaged families around the world.To read more, go here. To help donate to this charity, you can always donate by buying a plot of field, a boat or a vehicle, ranging from 1000L to 3000L from AM Radio, if you want to donate straight away, you can go to this site and choose the amount that you want to donate.

Anyway, Ding and me decided to check out The Far Away and we loved it! It's like a wheat field version of the Chou Chou sim (Ding posted here), very pretty, artsy and serene. Reminds me of those places where you will pass by when you go for a roadtrip.

Far Away

Far Away

Far Away

Here is a short clip on The Faraway to let you get hold of the overall atmosphere of the sim.

When you are bored of being glamorous in SL, change into your peasants clothes and try walking around in the down to earth place, The Far Away.


wow! this place is amazing...n moving :s ...ive never seen anything like it !!! ty guys for posting it!!!! its really amazing to see and very cleverly done !!!

30/8/08 9:14 AM  

You are welcome Chrystina! More posts on interesting places to come!

31/8/08 10:40 PM  

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