Thanks to Gertie Packbiers, there is a dollarbie Pirate Hunt at Cassiopeia Isle, there are 12 summer dresses, two version of dresses in various colors, for a Linden each to be found. What you are looking for a certificates look alike with the picture of the dress that you are getting.The Coordinates are as below.

#1 195/22/82
#2 230/32/82
#3 243/38/72
#4 233/31/63
#5 196/32/63
#6 243/42/53
#7 196/15/44
#8 246/41/44
#9 214/1/34
#10 245/47/23
#11 231/27/23 (under table)
#12 247/24/23 (man's back)


If you are not interested in the hunt, there's more dollarbie which are summerish outfits around the place. There are lots more that you can get there, so go check out yourself.


Last but not least check the Vain Group Notices to get this dress:

Outfit:HL Fashion Design Diana (Gift from Vain Group)


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