[UPDATE] Venturino got the coordinates! What you are looking for in this hunts are very obvious 1000L notes which all over the place, there are 5 in the free speerit store (from what I heard) and a lot more of them are around or in the Free Style building itself. You can also find some in the stores nearby. I don't know how many notes there are out there, and how many I am lacking ( I believe there should be lots more) but here is what I have. It's a fairly easy hunt, however, here are the coords just in case you need them.

Skin/Whitney (FS Make UP) 201/54/24
Skin/Ashlee (FS Make UP) 212/10/27
Skin/Sara (FS Make UP) 231/96/34
Skin/Eleanie (FS Make UP) 202/17/23
Skin/Desidelia (FS Make UP)139/41/28

MudHoney Designs #2 70/11/22
MudHoney Designs #1 62/18/22

Linden Dollar> Pididdle< 109/18/22
she knows! 223/152/42
Silly stuffs 215/155/39
Blessed Reverie 218/162/39
Klaw scripted 222/165/39
Panda skin/shape 205/154/23
::Tuli:: Elizabeth (the same one from the strawberry hunt) 231/159/23 (under the table)
Cheri's winter tree 218/178/25
Klaw scripted 216/176/31
woozy day by chery pye 218/169/31
Erin shape 205/167/31
Guerilla Gear (Girl) 206/155/31
Pat Myass - 217/154/31
Guerilla Gear(Guys) Refuse T 219/151/32
*AD* Timeless Fantasy 219/165/31
Elise shape 230/163/31

205/154/31 and 204/173/23 --> something's wrong with these notes, but it will be updated soon according to freestyle.

There is a hunt over at Free style sim. And I AM SO GOING TO DO IT!! You just sit back and wait for the coordinates. (I don't mind you giving me but take note of this : I WILL POST THE COORDINATES.) And oh, spread the word and share the love.



it´s ok peace peace...
coordinates about Digit Darkes:

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Addictive/56/56/294 (Mary Janes Black) 1 L

(affair slip dress) 100 L

free Spirit has a hunt too
5 gifts (5 skins) I lost my notecard when I crashed :\ but I remember that there are one in each room inside the store.

oh I got just one in FreeStyle, I wanted just the dress from Kouse Sanctum:
on the floor near to table.

good lucky

24/8/08 6:00 PM  

Thank you!

24/8/08 6:18 PM  

Weee keep the GREAT work!!! *muah* *muah*!!!


24/8/08 6:52 PM  

Thanks! <3

24/8/08 9:29 PM  

Oooh you monkey :p

The hunt finishes today by the way so hurry on down and grab some stuff, there's more been added during the week. e.g. look up on the roof and the back corner for a beautiful dress by BBBM, shhh you didn't hear it from me ;)

We might put out a couple more fun things just for the end of today until it the hunt closes, possibly other store owners on the sim too (if we have time and if my hangover starts to feel better) LOL!

31/8/08 1:36 PM  

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