Freebies Update.

Ephemeral passed me the coords for Rebel Hope this morning, but I woke up late and the hunt ended (tragic music background). Anyway, to make things up, here's the freebie update:

From Left to Right:
Dress: MFg Dress001 (Black dress with white dots), 0L
Dress: -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- :lapin bleu 2-2008 (Join Umi Usagi VIP Group to get)

From Left to Right:
Top:*UnToneQuilt*:Duck brown sweatshirt
Top:::DutchTouch:::Strapless Top (subscribe-o-matic gift)
Bottom:*UnToneQuilt*: Check pants

Swimsuit: Pig - Sheila Swimsuit in Mermaid Color (Join I [heart sign] Starlust Group and check notices)


where is the hair from?
i can never do updos unless there is a bit of hair covering the face.

5/9/08 3:00 PM  

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