The Evil DH Hunt


Okay, I admit, I hated this hunt. Even with the cheat sheet, Venturino and I spent at least 2 hours to get everything. Damn. It's not easy, and it's frustrating, but for the Prim Toes Wedge, I guess it's kinda worth it. : ) Thanks Sorrowburn Aeon and Linda Mensing and a couple more people, we would still be stuck in the underground with zombies, if it weren't for you guys.

Location: Digital Hollywood

When: Starting now till 9/15

How to do it: Requires a lot of camera zooming! Get a hud at the landing point, wear it then find the not broken Kanas. Find 8 on the ground (in order to TP you have to get all of them) then TP underground to find another 16 to complete the missing items on hud. After you get all of them, go back to the landing point and touch the display boxes and Voila! you get your gifts.

What to be found: 24 (in total) Kanas to be found; 8 on the ground and 16 underground.

The Coords:
On the Ground:
139/7/22 camera zoom from top, on grass
16/94/52 bottom left in the locker
16/32/42 right corner on the tool table
146/41/46 camera zoom from top, in the sleeping bag
143/112/42 shown in picture

DH hunt

71/42/52 on the poster of J's western boot.
125/89/43 pocket of Model on 'Cars' Style Poster.
219/26/39 NW corner under the plank.

The Underground:
29/20/3 under the bodybag
105/87/7 behind the tape
87/22/4 on the wall
80/8/3 on the wall
72/76/14 zoom into the tube in between the cones. shown below

DH hunt

73/74/18 side of the sink
80/72/18 behind the tape
74/74/20 above the wall, at the corner
80/54/18 ZOOM CAMERA, it's under the floor. shown below

DH hunt

90/88/18 between the vending machines
146/73/28 on the ceiling
131/40/11 in between the stairs and the ledge
106/4/5 on the pipe, facing inwards
80/81/6 on the ground
153/78/7 behind the first red hand, on the wall. shown below

DH hunt

18/70/3 on the rail

Have fun searching! And if you didn't use any swear words throughout the hunt, I salute your patience. We are now both heading to the LoveSoul hunt now (which I heard is another arse). Out.


What is the hud we need?

13/9/08 6:19 PM  

you can get the hud at the landing point and it's in the shape of a cube.

13/9/08 6:59 PM  

Another bit of help looking for the kanna in the dark is to use the following commands.

CTRL+SHIFT+Y: Set sun to Noon.
CTRL+SHIFT+R: Wireframe mode.

13/9/08 7:10 PM  

D your coords were the only shining light at the ends of those dark never ending tunnels! *muah* fankies for bein on top of these fings..again!

~ Sarah

13/9/08 11:15 PM  

:( i can't find the one in the ceiling

13/9/08 11:15 PM  

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