What to wear on a date.

This post is dedicated to Lanai and those who are going on a date.

Lanai told me this afternoon that she's going on a date tomorrow but Bixers didn't tell her where they are going, so she was wondering what she could wear on a date to a unknown location and she didn't want to look too casual or too formal. So here's what I think:

date dress
From left to right:
You can never go wrong with a little black dress, pair it up with a pair of wedges and you are good to go either to dancing or just a casual outing. You can get this No Face black dress for 1L in Free*Style Mainstore.

If you are going out with that someone special during daytime, you might want to consider a flowery dress with bright colors and a pair of matching pumps, because he might bring you out for a picnic or some outdoor activities. You can get this dress for free in Sweet Rainbow.

So black isn't really your thing, or flowery dresses are too summery, a simple ruffly babydoll with a pair of gladiator boots will complete that demure look perfect for a casual or semi formal date. You can get this dress for free by joining the Trey Dope Group and check notices.

It doesn't really matter if you don't have loads of linden to spare on designers clothes (ie. Armidi. Redgrave and such), because you can always get good ones from time to time (from group gifts ,store gifts, lucky chair) but I do think its very important to save up on hair and shoes (we can never have enough), because that will totally make or break the entire look of a free outfit. Girls, start saving up your lindens for more hair and shoes!!

I will be posting soon in the future on how to dress up for other occasions. Till then, have fun dating! I wish you girls lots of love.


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