Not so new updates.

A couple of notable things up for grabs.

1. Orchid Dreams: This little place has some really nice stuff for a really small price. Also has a lucky chair that changes item everytime it changes initial. This 'Modern Empress ' outfit comes along with the hair only cost 25L.

Orchid Dream
Hair & Outfit:Orchid Dreams: Modern Empress
Shoes:Orchid Dreams:Maiko Bamboo Okobo (from lucky chair)

2.Saya: You can get this dress from the group notices. Join SAYA group and check notices for it.

Dress: .Saya: Flower Belt Onepiece

3.Ivalde: There's this two camping chairs that gives away really beautiful gowns. Too bad I haven't have the chance to do it. While I was waiting for my turn this afternoon, I came across this cute dollarbie located in second floor.
Outfit (including shoes): Ivalde: Judy leodress

4.Marinoco: This is what I considered a SL best not so secret secret. They have the cutest dresses for really cheap or free. You can get this gown below for 1L by joining the Marinoco group.

Gown: Marinoco: Formal039g (Black Adelaide gown)


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