SL hates me.

I went to the Candela hunt this afternoon and I crashed a gazillion times but I somehow still managed to get every single candy. When I tried to TP home, SL wouldn't let me, so I decided to relog. SL wouldn't let me log on for another gazillion times after I went off, and when I finally did, to my horror, I only found 1 Candela hunt item left in my inventory. Without wasting any time (since it's a 2 hour hunt), I went there the second time to pick up everything that I lost. I crashed again, and when I came back, it's all missing except for the pink tee. I tried to TP to candela again to pick up everything, because I loved the tees by momo so much, but the hunt ended as soon as I manage to get in.

What's worse is, I can't TP home again. And got stuck in some weird place. Till now. Thus this post.

In tears
p/s on the bright side, SL at least save this pink tee in my inventory.

SL hates me today, I guess I will not be doing the MiaSofia hunt which will end tonight, my heart is too weak for any inventory getting lost ever again. I heard it's a really easy hunt, so people who are going to do it, good luck and have fun.


Welcome to the club!!! I couldn´t post yesterday...

8/9/08 6:19 AM  


8/9/08 7:52 AM  

dont worry, i lost half my inventory after i crashed =(

8/9/08 4:30 PM  

oh gosh...I don't know what to deepest condolences to the death of half your inventory..

8/9/08 4:37 PM  

Cute skin~ loving it! where from?

11/9/08 7:46 AM  

its minajunk harajuku candy skin.

11/9/08 11:31 PM  

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