While we are waiting...

YAY!! Sorrowburn has finish doing the DH Hunt but yet to note down the coords for stage 2, the good news here is that you people should stay put, the list will be out ASAP! Thanks Sorrowburn Aeon! While we wait for the coords to be found and posted, let me update you with some freebie/dollarbie news.

There is this Japanese place call Girls Style that have some really sweet dresses for free or a linden, and there are two camping chairs upstairs where you can camp for 10 minutes and get an outfit. Also, join Magika Update group as they have two style of free hair to be found in the group notices. The cute stilettos that I am wearing is from Kittylicious. You can get them in store after you join the group.

Hair: Magika: Nice - Black B (Join Magika Update Group and check Notices)
Shoes: Kittylicious: Funky Stiletto (Join Kittylicious Group and get in store)
Dresses from Left to Right:
Dress:GS* :Pattern Red Dress (Camp for 10 mins to get)
Dress: GS* :PARALLEL LOVE: Star One Piece
Dress: GS* :Snacky (1L)
Dress: GS* :Country RED set

Last but not least, Zaara has given out a group gift and it's gorgeous. Join Zaara Update Group and get in notices.

Gown: Zaara : Calangute *Black* (Group exclusive)


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