Gestures Hunt!

[UPDATE:] Hollywood Gesture Hunt's owner was kinda upset because I am offering notecards (when I promised I wouldn't, I'm sorry), so they have changed all the locations of the stuff and the notecard that I have is outdated. People who haven't do it, good luck!

This is a new one, personally, I don't use gestures and I don't know how to use one. However, after this hunt, I am pretty sure I am going to use it more often!!

Hollywood gestures

Hollywood gestures store (beautiful place, impressively built by Maddox DuPont) has open its door to people who love to express themselves more than words, and what's better, they are having a hunt and loads of dollarbies for grab!!

The hunt is kinda easy, 25 Oscar statuette all over the place to be found, not very well hidden, but easy to miss out some. Coordinates will not be posted here, as the owner requested that; I however will be very willing to give you some very obvious tips if you really couldn't find them. Feel free to IM me or Venturino inworld to get help.

This hunt will last for a month starting today, and there will be a new one coming up as soon as this one ends. Take your time to look for the statuettes and have fun!


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