Ding's lazy to post this, so she sent me the pictures and let me do it. :(

It's the time of the month where Aoharu showers us with great gifts, and this time, along with their huge launch of shoe line, they are giving away free shoes. Join Aoharu Group and check notices to get them. In addition to those that you can get from the notices, group members can also TP to their mainstore to get two pairs of different limited edition group gifts (from 9/2 to 9/4) too!! What's more is that there's a 50 percent off the entire Aoharu shoe line from 9/2 to 9/7 . Last but not least, there are three lucky chairs in the Aoharu shoe store that changes initials every 10 minutes.So Hurry!

Aoharu Boots
From Left to Right:
Boots:Aoharu: CutieSnowBoots_LightGreen x SoftBlue(Join Aoharu Group and check notices)
Boots:Aoharu:CutieSnowBoots_White x SoftBlue (Limited Group Gift @ Aoharu)
Boots:Aoharu:TripleFringeBoots (Join Aoharu Group and check notices)

From Left to Right:
Heels:Aoharu:Ribbon High Heel - Black x Bordeaux (Limited Group Gift @ Aoharu)
Heels:Aoharu:Jewel High Heel-Orange (Lucky Chair @ Aoharu)

I went to KMadd the other day and I found some new items on their freebie corner, and the tee I am wearing in the picture is one of them:

Tops:*Fishy Strawberry*@ KMadd:Soup t-shirt
Shoes:Aoharu: Leather Sneakers Unisex - Gray(Lucky Chair @ Aoharu)


Hmmm looking sexay in those sneakers!

3/9/08 6:22 AM  

Thank you *winks*

3/9/08 11:38 PM  

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