The reason I said that is because, using the trackpad on my macbook, I accidentally bought the Minajunk Badskin FATPACK. T-T. I was shocked, helpless and hopeless, and was at the brink of insanity. Then I thought, instead of crying over spilt milk, I should just post something along with the beautiful skins that I just got. I hate myself now for not making this mistake during the CSR period. One card wasted. -.-

Anyway, there's this really cute Katatonik dress up for grabs for a limited time.

Skin: Minajunk:BAD Pink02
Dress: *katat0nik* (pink) Freebie Star Dress (0L)

And there's this lucky chair in Church of Luxe that changes gifts and alphabets every 5 minutes, and here is one of the dresses.
Skin: Minajunk:BAD Heavy02
Dress: [CoL] - Gift - Igraine - Blue (lucky chair)

Last but not least, a new release and a new dollarbie from Bingo!:

Skin: Minajunk:BAD BlueBrown02
From Left to Right:
Skirt: {Bingo} Felicia Gray Skirt (50L)
Dress:{Bingo} Leaf Light Green (1L)

That's it for now, let me go hide aside and mourn for my lindens.


Dude, any of them trans? I love Minajunk! haha

19/11/08 1:28 AM  

I wish it was trans too..then I could have returned them. LOL.

19/11/08 8:22 AM  

I feel your pain!
I accidentally bought these hideous skins a couple months ago...and wanted to cry.
I cursed myself because after playing sl for 3+ years...I couldn't believe I made such a stupid mistake.

19/11/08 7:26 PM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

19/11/08 7:27 PM  

at least MinaJunk skins are gorgeous :)

19/11/08 7:28 PM  

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