Every Day Glory has a dollarbie top for grab. The top comes in three different options: a tank, short sleeved and long sleeved, so it's like getting three tops for 1L! Also shown in the picture is a regular priced tee sold there (Thanks Johann Steuben for sending me a copy).

Every Day Glory
From left to right:
Top: Every Day Glory: Da Vinci Man shirt long sleeve untucked (1L)
Top: Every Day Glory: Da Vinci Man shirt untucked (1L)
Top: Every Day Glory: CCCP shirt long sleeve untucked (not free)
Top: Every Day Glory: CCCP shirt untucked (not free)

Good Night!

Quick update.

Going to the movies soon, so before that, a quick update for all of you:

Archange has a new group gift! Join Archange group and get it here for 1L. Then there's a tank top that I got from 141 at Creators Pavillion, I think it is pretty versatile, and it is free, so just get it. Last but not least, a really cute dress from Maria Bonita (thanks Linda!) for free again of course.

From Left to Right:
Outfit: Archange:Eliza - Platinum (Join
Archange group and get it here )
Top: 141 borfer camisole (0L)
Dress: ::maria bonita:: "lovely flowers " black (0L)

Have a great weekend!


Thanks Katx for the info. There's this little store in Trilogy named -=about=- (when you reach there, just walk down the street, and it's a green shop) which is having a huge sale and everything is less than 150L and they are all essentials for a stylish male AV.

Glasses: -=about=- misairumegane (10L)
-=about=- PARKA line gray (55L)
-=about=- denim (20L)
-=about=- Slipon! (100L)

Suit: -=about=- black suit (127L)
-=about=- Slipon! (100L)

They also have a 0L gift hidden in the toilet seat beside the chair, which is....

AV: -=about=- free gift-chimp (0L)

Stop by -=about=- today and see what you can get from there!

Mix and Match

You probably have already heard about the where you can get super nice free stuff at their headquarter here by joining the 25 ans community group. Walk into the Aoharu store there and the freebies are located at all 4 corners, also not to forget to TP to the other places in the building where they have more freebies up for grab.

Then, there's this socks from corduroy, 1L till Puma Jie reaches New York (and she's now in Kansas), so hurry; a mitten from The Closet (Join Trey Dope and check notices), and last but not least, a pair of wacky glasses from -RC- Cluster (Join -RC- Cluster Group and check notices)

free stuff
Glasses: -RC- SP Glasses Black (Join -RC- Cluster Group and check notices)
Socks: -corduroy- aenea's dotty leggings -beige (1L limited time only, 3 other dollarbie in store too)

From left to right:
Dress: AOHARU: ChiffonRuffleDress_Pink x Red (Join 25 ans community and get it here)

Dress: *~PureStyle~*25ans (Join 25 ans community and get it here)

Mitten: **THE CLOSET**KnitMittenPNK group gift (Join Trey Dope and check notices)

Last but not least (Thanks Suri), a very pretty chinese qipao from a lucky chair in Little Fish. The chair changes alphabet every 10 mins so it's not such a bad wait. While waiting, you should just check out the store because it's a pretty cool place~!

little fish
Dress: *Little Fish Qipao24#sh (Lucky Chair)

That's about it for today, nite~!

I know there's a Maeva hunt, but I will not be doing it because the items are basically identical to a hunt that they have like months ago. Ho hum. If you are looking for Maeva's hunt here, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Very short update today:

I found that perfect bottle that comes with all kinds of drunk AO to go with my trashy look! Also shown in the picture are dresses that you can get from Rahz. Join Rahz Update Group and check notices to get it:

From left to right: (Join Rahz Update Group and check notices)
Dress: .::Rahz Store::. Marri Outfit Red
Dress: .::Rahz Store::. Marri Outfit Blue
Trench: .::Rahz Store::. Welma Black Coat

There's also these two dresses in Bliss Couture for 1L each that you might be interested in getting.

From left to right:
Dress:Bliss Couture: Jessica Dress
Dress: :Bliss Couture: Kendra Show

That's it for now, laters~!

You know how LL tend to impose this really funny yet irritating default typing animations a must on all residents? If you haven't figured out yet, yeah there are ways to stop it, and today I will be telling you how.

Docomo 001
The default typing animation.
Headphone: Docomo: series_color (previous post)

You can disable your typing animation by doing this:

(Ctrl+Alt+D to toggle) Advance ->Debug Setting -> Type in "PlayTypingAnim" and set it to false
and you will never ever see yourself in that silly anim ever again,never.


You can get a Typekiller which works mostly everywhere except for places that are 'no script', however, it might get faulty once in a while, and it might get you agitated.


You can get one of the DOCOMO phones, here (the one that seemed to be invisible to me the whole time was apparently a typing overrider), and instead of having the default typing animation, you will look like you are texting on a phone. How cool can that be?

Docomo 002
The cooler way to type in local chat. Texting is the in thing!

Docomo 003
Close up on the detailed docomo phone

Docomo 004
Tons of phones for you to choose from. Ding picked a yellow flip phone while filling her sack with tons of other phones.
Sack: El'n - Day Sack

The downside of it is the same as Typekiller, it doesn't work in 'no script' places; the phone also will not work if you have already disabled your typing animation using the first way.
*Note*: For those of you who disabled your typing animation the first way, you have to enable it back in order to see the phone and have it working fine.

Thanks to Charoum Dezno who told me that the phones from Docomo are typing overrider, if not I probably still couldn't figured why they are invisible to me :D

Have a great night everybody.

I was telling Ephe this morning that I am now going for that trailer trash-esque elegantly slutty look, so forgive me for the ciggy, I might consider to pose with a bottle of Jack Daniels if I manage to find it in my inventory.

Anyways, not much stuff to post, and you probably have already heard about them. There's this set of racerback tanks from Church of Luxe's subscribo. You should check out this place, they have really nice dresses. Then the next thing is the Bijou jackets that I didn't find yesterday (you all probably have gotten it by now) that I kinda like, that's why I am posting it still.

Tanks: [CoL] - Gift - Racerback Camis! (Gift from COL subscribo)

Outfits::bijou: *FREE* Domani (0L, get it here)

That's it for today, see you later.


Some things a man should have in the fall closet. A color changeable muffler, some sweaters and the good old jeans/slacks.

The color changeable muffler is from NTT Docomo. I heard that we are supposed to do some kind of survey to get the muffler and the earphone, and I didn't see any surveys around (and they are all in Japanese) so I just simply TPed to one of the 4 rooms from this main room . When you reach one of the rooms, just click any huge phone, then any of the small one underneath it, and it will give you a folder name DOCOMO GIFT . The earphone and the muffler are there. There should be some kind of official instructions, but this is how I did it. :D

Another thing is that, everytime you click on a phone, they will send the exact model of the phone and it's supposed to be usable, I don't know why but mine seemed to be invisible. If anyone of you who managed to get the phone, remember to tell me how you get it!

Muffler: Docomo (color changeble)
From left to right:
Top: .::PeppermintBlue::. :Striped Gray Shirts (0L)
Bottom: .::PeppermintBlue::. :Black Denim Jeans (0L)

Top: .::PeppermintBlue::. :Casual Layerd Gray (0L)
Bottom: .::PeppermintBlue::. :Gray Denim Jeans (0L)

Top: INDI Designs : Pullover white #1 (1L) (Thanks Sexyback for this info)
Bottom: INDI Designs : Pants brown (5L)

There are stuffs for both boys and girls in Nylon Outfitters at Tableau, huge folder filled with lots of stuff at 1L, there might be something you like in there, so go check out.

Muffler: Docomo (color changeble)
From left to right:
Top: Nylon Outfitters: geeky guy shirt
Headphone: Docomo: red

Top: Nylon Outfitters: Nylon Beach Polo
Headphone: Docomo: series_color

Good night.

Good Day People

There are some nice stuff to grab today (well, some are not that new :P):

has just opened up their new sim, Bijouaholic and they are giving out this gorgeous gold mini dress located at their main door. Free for limited time only, Nov 11th-13th.

Dress: :bijou: Tone Minidress Ribbon-Gold (limited time only, from 11th-13th)

Then there's a gorgeous leather pants which is a weekly gift from Kunglers, a fur muffler from *: Lo*momo :* ( Join *: Lo*momo :* group and get it here), and a jacket from Michami subscribo.

lo momo michami
From Left to Right:
Fur Muffler: L*m Group Gift Fur-Black ( Join *: Lo*momo :* group and get it here)
Pants: (Kunglers) Gift 2610 - Croco Pants

Coat: MichaMi: Stella - Group Gift (Gift from Michami subscribo)

Also from *: Lo*momo :*, a gift this month specially for the group, is this pretty fur trimmed dress:

lo momo
Dress: L*m Fur Dress-Blue ( Join *: Lo*momo :* group and get it here)

Thanks to Wensledale Firanelli for the Lo Momo info. Have a great day people~!

Thank you~

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the designers/stores who took time to participate in this hunt:

AlphaMale | Amplify | Belleza | Bingo | Blacklace | Chambre Du Chocolat | DYN | EMA | Fab Pony | Hollywood Gestures| Ibizarre | Kokee's | LAP | Le Choix | Lookr | Maeve Mortlock | Minnu | MUISM | Quality Design | Rahz | Rifi Emporium | Rockberry | Suri | Tuli | Vacano

Special thanks:

To Teiona who lend out part of land to make this happen. To Ephemeral and Lanai who work hard to decorate the place to its finest. To Belle, Linda and Tinker who talked to designers to participate in the hunt.To the Vainers who sent me copies of the sculpted noobs. Thanks to Stavin Carter who created the perfect man. Last but not least to the creators of the free prefabs and decorations we used for the town, you guys are awesome~!

Thanks for all the comments and support that each and every of you gave us, that meant a lot to us.

Thank you for making this hunt such a success. We hoped that you enjoyed the hunt as much as we did~!

- Ding & Vent

Small little hunt at Miu. 4 teacans to be found to complete a picture perfect ensemble. Don't know when it will end so hurry. Thanks Galadhriel Montagne for her help.


4 exotic jewelry pieces selling at 1L each @ Sanu which makes up a set, go get them now.

Jewelry: Sanu Fallen-Thanksgiving (1L for each piece)

There's this great vibrant color two piece outfit from :bijou:. Join :bijou: Shopaholics group and check notices to get it.

Outfit: :bijou: *GG* Domani-Red set (Join :bijou: Shopaholics group and check notices)

Have fun people~!

* Drumrolls *

the winners are

* Throws confetti over the winners *

Congratulations to the winners! If you see your name here, please IM me to get your prizes. If prizes are not claimed within a week, we shall use it ourselves. *evil laugh*

Thank you for all of you who stop by Blockheadsville the past few days, I hope you had LOTS OF fun and enjoyed yourself tremendously, and maybe made a couple of new friends along the way.

Thanks for making this hunt such a memorable event for Vent me and all the masterminds behind this. Thank you. Gracias. ありがとうございます。谢谢。

Christmas' near

Digit Darkes has a store card sale, and if you are member there's an extra 10 % on top of the discounted cards, which means, a whopping 40%! It will be ending tonight midnight, so hurry~!

Some cute little things and stuff for the holiday season:

1. November group gift skin from BF from subscribo, here & Ibizzare red pea coat from Blockheadsville hunt, which will be ending today.

BF skin
Skin: *bf*fata-porcellain
Coat: Ibizarre Pea Coat red

2. Fur keychain from *+Copain+* Group, join for 200L which includes membership to Love Soul, JUNWAVE, Cassis Rose and PRAY and get your gift here.

Keychain: [ Love Soul ] Christmas Fur Key Chains

3. Love Soul Reindeer Toy, super cute, 0L, get it here (red box on the chair)

Toy: [ Love Soul ] Reindeer doll

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