Deals for Men!

Some deals for the guys to grab:

Deals for Men
Scarf: **~MM's~* Free-StripeMuffler (0L, color changeable)
Bag: Aitui - Bag - Night Messenger - Freedom Wanted _Group Exclusive (Join Aitui Group and check notices)
Jeans: a.C FOR.SPRING - ADVENTURE.Jeans (100L to join AC Store group and buy it for 50L)

There's also some Valentine's decoration/ stuff that you might be interested to pick up too.

Hat: Grunge Depot - Valentines Hat (0L)
Bear: JE*REPUBLIC-Valentine Day -Love Bear (lucky chair, transferable so you can give them to your loved ones!)

Good Night!


I was just wondering where the sneakers Vent is wearing are from? They're really awesome!


5/2/09 9:38 PM  

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