Updates !

There's a free hair from Novocaine's new store and a free preppy outfit from Random Fashion.

Hair: Novocaine Hair - Edward - smoke (0L)
Outfit: [Random Fashions] - Smarty (subscribo gift)

There are also some gifts after the Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington show from Victoria V, Mechanism, Philotic Energy and KMadd, here, grab them before they are gone.

I was lucky enough to be picked by Lookr (I am in Lookr Group) to win a piece of their newly released Form outfit. Join Lookr Group so that you will have chances to win clothings from them in the future!

Blazer: LOOKR ~ Form (Men) ~ Blazer ~ Black (Chalkstripe)

That's it for now. Happy Shopping!


thanks for Blog mention we had soooo many people at the Studio it was wonderfull! we will keep the freebies there for a few days, wander down the isle a bit you will see more, also in our sample shop. Many regards Paisley Beebe Producer of Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington

28/1/09 4:57 AM  

:-))) VenT... Ty for the poses.. i have to go to the store.. i'm sooo happy for you and Ding!!..

kissssssssssssssss for us!!!!

28/1/09 5:30 AM  

Paisley: we are not the only blog who blogged about it. So, don't worry. Thanks for stopping by :))

Gala: hehe.. have fun!! :))

30/1/09 12:58 AM  

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