Gifts~!! Some are new, some are old, just grab them if you haven't!

From Left to Right:
Skin: !CN GIFT SKIN:!AMY-MILK-9 (0L, comes with shape too!)
Jacket: Ibizarre Cardigan (0L)
!CN GIFT SKIN:!AMY-SUNKISSED-9 (0L, comes with shape too!)
Top:Ibizarre Embroidery Top (0L)

Group Gift
Chick: ::plod::LittleChicken (Join Plod Group and check notices)
Bag: KUROTSUBAKI_mini_bag_A (Join Kurotsubaki Group and check notices)

Hope the Monday was great!


awww <3 what a cuteeeeeee!!!
Pleaseeeeeee, in the pic with the chick and mini bag, where's that skin from? I just love it!!!

27/1/09 2:46 PM  

That skin is from Minajunk. Exotic Black.

27/1/09 4:52 PM  

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