Quick Update.

Short Update!! Grab them!!

Skins: lessthan3 SUGAR skins preview/with freckles option (Join Lessthan3 Group and check notices )

Briefs: Aitui - Gift - Vday 09 Limited Edition Items (0L)
Poses on Ding and Suri: Attituede: Nude Poses (Join Attituede Group and check notices)

Have a great night!!


Hey Ding,
The boots you blogged about arent in a subscribe thing we can look for notices, you can only subscribe or unsubscribe... So... no boots to get... :(((

31/1/09 2:12 AM  

hi ding!! i found a nice basic closet necessity! knee socks cut off @ about half way on the foot. i been wanting some of these so i thought i'd share!


31/1/09 3:39 AM  

yep! no boots for me too :'(

31/1/09 6:41 AM  

Anon& Sofia & Everyone:

I am sorry about the mistake that I made on the Zanzo Boots. Zanzo is using a subscibo kiosk (which is different from subscribo) that doesn't allow you to join and trace history.

So sorry about that! If you really like them, maybe you could check them out in Zanzo store, I believe they are 200L per pair.

31/1/09 8:24 AM  

yes... it is another subscription system ... so just people who already WERE in group get a freebie.

so i guess no one here will get that!!!

31/1/09 11:34 AM  

I received the Zanzo boots, but they were in a notecard and they are transfer ánd copy...

Can't find the lessthan3 skins in the group notices though. Are you sure they are in there?

31/1/09 1:32 PM  

The lessthan3 skins were some hours ago in the notices of the group and now they arent anymore. That is unfair, i wanted my alt having them too, they look pretty nice :(

31/1/09 3:51 PM  

The skins can be found on the mainshop.

black box on the table.

31/1/09 4:58 PM  

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